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Baby, it’s cold up there

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

I’m not cool, but my colleagues sure are. On Wednesday, Senior Editor Dave Hirschman and Photographer Chris Rose took their coolness factor to a whole new level,¬†and they had the numb hands and feet to prove it.

Senior Editor Alton Marsh and I flew a photo mission in the 2010 Fun To Fly Remos, and Hirschman and Rose were in the platform airplane–a Decathlon. The doors were removed to give Rose an unobstructed view for stills and video. He and Hirschman dressed for the mission in ski suits and thermal long johns. On further reflection, they might have needed a couple more layers. Marsh and I were snug and warm inside the Remos, whose cabin heater was working perfectly.

We circled a ski resort (where snow machines were busily chugging away) and a nearby reservoir so that Rose could get the perfect shots. By the time we headed for home base, he and Hirschman were more than ready to shake hands with a cup of hot cocoa. You’ll see the photos and video footage when the February issue of AOPA Pilot arrives in your mailbox.