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Checkout: Lightly loaded

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

When transitioning from a 172 or a Cherokee to an LSA, you’ll soon learn that what works to plant your heavier aircraft will need some tweaking. This is what I’m finding out with the Remos. Proper rudder usage is important–well, yes, that’s true of any aircraft–as is making sure you hit your approach speed (65 knots)  and keep it there. Senior Editor Alton Marsh has noticed that the analog airspeed indicator on the right side (or co-pilot side) is a handy way to check your airspeed if you are new to glass panel displays, and there’s even a yellow diamond on the AI to remind you.

Like the Tecnam Eaglet I flew earlier this year, the Remos has two throttles–one on the left side, one on the central quadrant. I’m finding that I use the right (or central?) throttle when applying power for takeoffs, because that seems natural and it’s what I’m used to. In cruise flight, I may use the left one to adjust power. Remos pilots, feel free to jump in and tell me your tips for these kinds of ops.