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Grab your shades, we’re headed west

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

The Fun to Fly Remos is headed for the wild, wild west.

First stop is Mount Vernon, Illinois, for the Midwest LSA Expo, September 23-25. When we pack up from the show in Mount Vernon, we’ve decided to keep right on going. Pilot Information Center stalwart Patrick Smith and I will be flying the Remos from KMVN to Santa Paula, California (SZP). The airplane has to be in California the first week of November for AOPA Summit. Since we’ll be six hours closer to the Golden State and the weather will be kinder and gentler¬†now¬†(I hope), it makes sense to pack up and head out now.

Patrick and I haven’t mapped out our route but it looks like we’ll be taking the southern route to Albuquerque, N.M. Beyond that, we’re open for suggestions on stopping points, so throw ’em in the Comments section if you’ve got ’em. See you in CA!