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Wing-folding 101

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Whenever we take the Fun to Fly Remos GX to a show, people are always intrigued to learn that you can fold the airplane’s wings. I always say it looks kind of like a grasshopper. “Or like a Corsair?” some people will ask. Well, not exactly, as the Corsair’s wings go up and the Remos’ wings go down and back. I saw the process back in November when AOPA’s Sweepstakes airplane was transported via flat bed truck to the Tampa Convention Center to be put on display at AOPA Summit 2009. But we haven’t folded the wings since.

In June, however, we’re taking the Fun to Fly Remos to a location in downtown Frederick that isn’t accessible by runway. So wing-folding 101 took place today. Remos demo pilot Ron Glazer stopped by to show us how it’s done. ¬†We’ll practice some more and videotape it, and I’ll let you in on the complete procedure in an upcoming issue of AOPA Pilot.