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The Remos meets the nicest people

Monday, September 27th, 2010

One of the best parts of my job is getting out and about and meeting people who just plain love airplanes. This weekend at the Midwest LSA Expo in Mount Vernon, Ill., was no exception. While the turnout was small–understandable for a show just in its second year–the opportunity to talk to members, wannabe pilots, and everybody in between paid big dividends.

William Rogers (left) and 'AOPA Pilot' Associate Editor Jill Tallman (right) at the Mt. Vernon LSA Expo

William Rogers (left) and 'AOPA Pilot' Associate Editor Jill Tallman (right) at the Mt. Vernon LSA Expo.

William and Debbie Rogers stopped by to admire the Fun to Fly Remos and dream about what they might do with the airplane if they happen to win. The Rogerses live in Michigan, and they drove all the way to Mount Vernon to sample LSAs. You see, William is soon to finish his sport pilot certificate–and when he does, he wants to buy an LSA. He and Debbie want to travel around the country to visit their children and grandchildren, who are scattered in several states. William was pleased to be able to sit in the Remos, and he investigated it thoroughly.

Later in the day Patrick Smith and I had the pleasure of allowing a beautiful family of youngsters–redheads all–a chance to sit in the airplane. Their dad got a turn as well. “This is the first airplane that they’ve been allowed to sit in,” their mom told me. That’s one of the reasons we bring our airplane to events like this: so children can experience for themselves what we are privileged to experience on a near-daily basis.