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2 strangers, 4 days, 2 small vehicles

Monday, April 5th, 2010
Should Team Orville stop here?

Should Team Orville stop here?

When I signed up for AOPA’s Road and Runway Rally, I was hooked by one key fact: I would get to fly a Remos GX halfway from Maryland to Florida. But, there are some points that I didn’t consider: Driving the other half (two long days) in a SMART car, and spending all four days with a stranger. In some ways, that might be more challenging than the flight! 

I’ve already started racking up time in both vehicles. So far, the Remos and SMART car have one thing in common—they are surprisingly roomy on the inside, which is a good thing (remember, four days with a stranger).

 The guest on my team (Team Orville), Jason Paur, a correspondent for, will arrive at AOPA headquarters in Frederick, Md., just a couple of days before the rally begins. But he won’t remain a stranger for long…we’ll have two days to bond in the SMART car while driving from Frederick to Dillon, S.C., on the first two legs of the rally. Let’s just hope we don’t want to kill each other before it’s our turn to fly the Remos!

 So, if you were stuck in a SMART car for two days with a stranger, how would you pass the time? For those of you familiar with I-95, what stops do you recommend between Maryland and South Carolina?

 Guest blogger Alyssa J. Miller, a commercial-  and instrument-rated pilot, is one-half of Team Orville in the upcoming Fun to Fly Road and Runway Rally.–Jill W. Tallman