Safe and sound in Santa Paula

October 6, 2010 by Jill W. Tallman

Hailstones the size of golf balls in Arizona. Snow in Nevada. Looks like the Southwest’s weather patterns are starting to heat up, so to speak. You better believe that I’m relieved the Fun to Fly Remos is safe and snug in a hangar at Santa Paula airport as I write this.

Our final leg to SZP was tinged with both anticipation (We’re in California! It’s almost over!) and regret (We’re in California… this amazing trip is almost over). Watching a Southwest 737 cross beneath us as we chugged along at 8,500 feet was more than enough excitement for one day. We left the Remos in the care of CP Aviation, where Clay Phelps and his crew will give it an oil change and a detailing.

Strapped into Row 22B on a United Airlines Airbus headed east on Friday, I could only catch intermittent glimpses through a tiny window of the vistas I’d just traveled.The world is a lot more interesting from 5,500 feet than from 37,000 feet.

We’ll return in about a month to bring the Fun to Fly Remos to Long Beach for AOPA Summit 2010. Then, oh unknown winner, new adventures await you in this fun airplane!


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