Out by Bonanza, back by Remos

November 18, 2009 by Jill W. Tallman

UA Naval Academy (Large)Yesterday’s trek to pick up the 2010 Fun To Fly Remos was an exercise in extremes. Senior Editor Al Marsh and I traveled to W29 in Stevensville, Maryland, in a Bonanza, and came back by Remos. The 1972 Bonanza A36 got us from FDK to W29 in something less than 30 minutes.  (Editor at Large Tom Horne flew the Bonanza, which belongs to Editor in Chief Tom Haines.) The Remos brought us back to Frederick in just under an hour. We burned fewer than five gallons of fuel, compared with about 10 gallons in the Bonanza.

At 2,000 feet and 140 knots in the Bo, we barely had time to take notice of a crisp, clear fall afternoon before we were in the pattern at W29. Coming back at 1,500 and a more sedate 106 knots, Marsh and I saw plenty of photo ops, and he put his camera to good use, as you see here. Container shipFarm

It’s all in the mission, and whatever aircraft fits your needs, as it has always been. The Bo is a solid performer; not only is it a dependable chariot to destinations near and far, it’s also a sturdy photo platform for staff photographers Mike Fizer and Chris Rose. For a lower-and-slower jaunt on a sunny afternoon, however, the Remos is the winner.


2 Responses to “Out by Bonanza, back by Remos”

  1. David Savage Says:

    That is a beautiful shot of the Naval Academy. My son graduated from there in the class of 2002.
    Is there any chance of getting a copy of your original picture and permission to print it, frame it, and give a one to my son and keep one for myself.
    Also I wouldnt mind winning the REMOS …. HA HA. Even if it is a little slower than the Citation X that I used to fly.
    My son also has a Pvt License and would certainly enjoy building time in the REMOS.

  2. Alton K Marsh Says:

    To David Savage,
    Thanks for the comments on my point-and-shoot shot of the Naval Academy. I only had the smaller size 170kb and the originals have been erased. Send me an email to [email protected] and I will send the 170kb shot but it won’t make a very large picture…at all. –Al

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