Hot fun in the summertime

June 28, 2010 by Jill W. Tallman

girlsInRemosMaryland is having one of its hottest summers on record–we exceeded 100 degrees F over the weekend–but that didn’t keep Frederick folks from coming out to Frederick Municipal Airport on Saturday. Even a broiling tarmac can be a welcoming place when you have an open house with lots of cool airplanes on display.

And I love showing the Fun to Fly Remos to everyone–especially children. It’s not often people outside the aviation community get to touch airplanes. Kids, with their parents in tow, make a beeline for the Remos. “Don’t touch!” their parents command (thanks, Mom and Dad, I appreciate your parenting!). And they’re used to hearing that. But when I say “Do you want to get inside?” their little faces are incredulous and then joyous at the prospect. They’re going to sit in a real airplane!

Kids are pretty well behaved around our aircraft. Oh yes, occasionally one will start punching buttons like crazy. These kidsĀ in particular are remarkably adept at finding the ELT switch. But for the most part, the worst that will happen is that they will try to climb in by stepping on the wheel pant, and I’ve gotten pretty adept at cutting them off at the pass before they try to do that.

Saturday’s crowd included pilots who participated in the Air Race Classic, the all-woman’s cross-country race that ended this year in Frederick. One of the teams, a pair of college students, brought young girls out to see the airplanes. I stood back while they explained aerodynamics at a very basic level to these girls as they sat in the Remos cockpit and moved the controls. A tip of the hat to these young women, who already recognize how very, very important it is to get girls engaged in aviation at a young age.


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