Finished! Two new sport pilots

June 18, 2010 by Jill W. Tallman

It’s been a great week for sport pilots, what with two new ones added to the fold!

First, on Monday, our very own Sgt. Michael Blair–“Bulldog,” to his Marine Corps buddies–successfully passed his SP checkride in the Fun to Fly Remos. Read Dave Hirschman’s blog about teaching Michael here. Flight Training readers got to know Michael in the May issue, and AOPA Pilot readers will see his incredible story in the August issue. You’ll also be able to view a video interview with Blair and Hirschman on AOPA Live.

And on Thursday–today!–Darren Hook of Texas passed his SP checkride. Darren, you’ll recall from this blog, had been training in an LSA and was very close to finishing up when the airplane was grounded after an accident involving another student pilot. Darren was disappointed, but not down and out. He was able to get checked out in a Breezy600L, then “met with my DPE and passed.” “I feel excited, yet spent,” Darren e-mailed me. “I am anxious to be PIC and go where I want to now.”

Darren’s 18-year-old son, who was learning to fly at the same time as his dad, has opted to wait until the damaged airplane is back on line to continue his training. Meanwhile, Darren is already thinking about starting on fulfilling the requirements for the private pilot certificate. That’ll be in October, he says.

Congratulations to Michael and Darren! If you have any sucess stories to share about your training, please let me know in the Comments section. First flight? Solo? Cross-country? First successful crosswind landing? Let’s celebrate!


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