No-clamping zone

February 9, 2010 by Jill W. Tallman

Sennheiser headset 003A good headset is a real plus in the cockpit. It protects your hearing and cuts down on the fatigue factor during any flight. On long trips, a comfortable, effective headset is a must. I muscled through my primary training with a cheap one that was probably just a little better than stuffing cotton in my ears. On my first trip to EAA AirVenture in the back of Editor in Chief Tom Haines’ Bonanza, I realized that the cheapo wasn’t going to do the job any longer. During my free time at Oshkosh, I went shopping and happily wore my new purchase back to Maryland. The cheapo was relegated to the closet; you never know when a passenger will need a headset, and it’s fine in a pinch. 

The winner of the 2010 Fun to Fly Sweepstakes Remos GX won’t have that problem. Sennheiser USA has contributed two HMEC 460 noise-cancelling headsets that will go to the winner of the airplane in November.

When the box arrived from Sennheiser last week, it felt like Christmas all over again (I had to open them up and check them for you folks, didn’t I?). Each headset is sleek and lightweight in design, weighing just 13.4 ounces. The 460 has NoiseGard active noise reduction technology powered by two double-A batteries. What, you didn’t bring batteries and yours just died? No problem. The Remos has a XLR-3 connector located along with the conventional headset mic/audio plug behind each seat, so you can plug and play. The 460 also has audio cables that allow you to plug in compatible cellular telephones and portable audio devices.

Read a lot more about the 460 here, and then imagine the pleasure of traveling in comfort with one of these. And just think, you won’t have to subject your passenger to the infamous El Cheapo headset!


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