Support for Rotax owners

February 4, 2010 by Jill W. Tallman

Rotax 912If you’re flying an LSA, chances are pretty good it has a Rotax engine. And if you’re flying a Rotax engine, you’ll probably want to sign up for, a factory-authorized site. We found out about the site after we brought the Fun to Fly Remos to Frederick last November, and it has been a handy source of news (the extension of the 912ULS TBO from 1,500 to 2,000 hours, for example) and product reviews. Other services available are technical videos and articles and e-mail updates. Sign up for free to get e-mail updates and product reviews. Access to technical documents and videos is available through a yearly subscription; sign up before March 31 and the cost is $19.95.

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One Response to “Support for Rotax owners”

  1. Phil Salisbury Says:

    The hardest part of flying with a Rotax engine, for me, is the oil check procedure. I have been flying for over 50 years and I was always taught to be VERY careful when pulling a prop through. Now, pulling nine blades through on a Rotax is normal thing to do. I am having a BIG problem with it. Yes I know that the engine was shut down with the key. I have been told that the electronic ignition doesn’t work until you have 200 rpm. The FL distributor says that you can run the engine for one minute, shut it down, and then check the oil. I am still not a happy Rotax oil-checker.

    Anyone else have a problem with this?

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