Cowling Experts

November 12, 2009 by Alton K Marsh

To check springs in the engine or add coolant requires the removal of the top cowling in a Remos, and I predict the AOPA Remos pilots are going to get good at it. The springs connect to the carburetor to dampen the vibration of stopping and starting.   I just bought a dowl rod to tap them with. Every new Remos comes with a nifty screwdriver designed just for cowling fasteners.

 UPDATE: Remos says the cowling removal prior to preflight is unnecessary.

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  1. Bill Says:

    I surely hope it is the “other way” for a preflight: cowling off. cowling on, cowling off. cowling on. LOL. This blog will be interesting to follow and I would certainly like to win the Remos. Currently I own and fly (PP operating as SP) an Ercoupe out of 0W3. I love my ‘Coupe but “new and shiny” would be nice.

  2. jay wilkes Says:

    Springs holding the carburator on?? who designed that? I fly a flight design CTLS, easy preflight, no cowl removel so far no problems. I would guess these two aircraft are similar in performance but I would have to argue that so far engineering on the flight design seems better.

  3. John F Says:

    I have a 2009 Remos GX and have never heard of having to remove the top cowl to do a preflight. The coolant recovery bottle is easy to check with a flashlight through the oil access hatch. Also, there are no springs holding the carburater on my Rotax 912S that I can find

  4. Alton K Marsh Says:

    Hi, John,
    The removal of the cowling to inspect springs was the factory suggestion. We’ll try your suggestion of checking the coolant tank, but our maintenance folks at Chesapeake Sport Pilot also want us to remove the coolant cap on top of the engine and check there, too. So until we get more experience we’ll follow the suggestions of Remos. –Al Marsh

  5. Alton K Marsh Says:

    Hi, Bill,
    Thanks for the nice comments on the blog. It was started by Remos project director Jill Tallman. –Al Marsh

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