The SkyCatcher lands on Pilot’s cover

December 14, 2009 by Jill W. Tallman

We weren’t the first to bring you a Cessna 162 SkyCatcher pilot report, but AOPA Pilot’s January issue shows and tells about the newest LSA as only we can. The bird is highlighted against spun-candy-pink clouds, owing to the sun setting over the California landscape when staff photographer Mike Fizer took the shots.

My colleague Alton Marsh got the coveted slot to fly Cessna’s new LSA back in October. Marsh has flown several LSAs; he was the first of our staff to fly a Remos (a G-3 600) when he wrote about the Candy Bomber in June 2008. What did he think of the SkyCatcher? You’ll have to read his report, but I will tell you that he was impressed with the 162’s performance; it had no problems keeping up with the photo platform, which was a Cherokee Six.

I’m excited to see 162s enter the flight school flight lines–or I will be, when that happens. At this writing, the first one was set for delivery at the end of 2009. I hope Cessna can sustain the excitement, anticipation, and sheer buzziness it has created. What do you think?

4 Responses to “The SkyCatcher lands on Pilot’s cover”

  1. David Reinhart Says:

    I will not buy one, I will not fly in one. I’m steadily becoming more disenchanted with Cessna, first with the Skycrasher being built in China and now more manufacturing being moved to Mexico. At least Mexico doesn’t have nukes pointed at us…

  2. Daniel De Boer Says:

    As I understand, in the Cessna 162, if you put full fuel in, and you have two 175# guys in, you are over weight (1320# limit) even with the base weight with no accessories. In a Remos GX Av II loaded, with full fuel, we can put two guys each 230# in and still be under weight (1320# limit). Seems like the Remos would be a better choice for most people. I’m happy to say I own one. Great aircraft.

  3. Alton K Marsh Says:

    Daniel, you are correct. For the scenario you mentioned you would be four pounds over gross weight with the 490 lb useful load.

  4. Jeff Says:

    Cessna infuriates me with selling out to the Chinese. Today they announce 700 jobs will be cut from the US. How about laying off some Chinese or better yet not using them to begin with? The Chinese make inferior products in nearly every category. I will never be caught dead in one of these. I would appreciate it if AOPA not endorse this aircraft.

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