Checkout done!

December 9, 2009 by Jill W. Tallman

Winter in the mid-Atlantic doesn’t usually set in until January. Case in point: Friday’s 1.4 in the Remos was conducted in 50-degree temperatures under 5,000-foot ceilings that looked like they might have snow in them, and at the time I thought it wouldn’t amount to much.*

The POH recommends using carb heat on approach. Having spent most of my time behind Lycoming engines, I find myself having to check and double check that I’ve completed that step. Perhaps it’s time to implement a GUMPS+checklist strategy.

*Oh yes…we did get snow on Saturday, and a little more on Tuesday night. Which just goes to show you, some of us should leave the weather prognoticating to the experts, like my colleague Tom Horne.


2 Responses to “Checkout done!”

  1. Ron Huff Says:

    Its been years since I flew a Cessna but as I remenber I needed Carb heat on throttle back such as approach. The Flight Design I recently flew did not require Carb heat on throttle back (approach). If Remos requires Carb heat on approach I would think that it would be a natural transition for pilots use to Lycoming engines. Am I being pickey? Maybe turning 79 years old this month has made me critical. Please comment.

    Ron Huff

  2. Jill Tallman Says:

    Ron, thanks for your comment, and happy birthday! I should have been more specific in my post. I’ve flown Lycomings in Piper aircraft, and carb heat was not part of the approach and landing checklist.

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