Cowling ON! (Update: Cowling OFF!)

November 23, 2009 by Alton K Marsh

Good news from Remos about my belief that the cowling had to come off for every preflight to inspect carburetor and exhaust springs. They absorb the vibration of engine startup and shutdown. We can leave the cowling on during preflight! The springs will be inspected during regular maintenance. (But now we know how to do it.)

A lot of you have commented on our oil and now we have the official word from Remos. Use Aeroshell Sport Plus 4, and so we shall.

UPDATE: Now that I’ve done a mea culpa for saying preflights require a cowling removal, I’ve reread the checklist. There are things on there that can only be done by removing the cowling. We’re back to becoming cowling removal experts.

3 Responses to “Cowling ON! (Update: Cowling OFF!)”

  1. Marty Fluharty Says:

    I’m a sport pilot student and these comments and observations are very helpful. I’m learning on a Remos and really enjoy it. Just wish I didn’t have to burp it. It’s a bit trying for this grandmother who finally decided it was time to get a license. had been concerned about the coolant and how to check it since it’s on the preflight list. What about carb heat and when to know to use it?

  2. John Says:


    I just use a small flashlight to look through the oil hatch at the level of coolant in the recovery bottle. Carb heat should be part of your landing checklist (carb heat on… fuel pump on). I make a practice using carb heat during all descents as well.

  3. Alton K Marsh Says:

    Hi, Marty,
    John has quite a bit of experience and knowledge, so I will yield to him on the carb heat. I just wanted to say it is great that you are working on your license! SO great in fact that I mentioned you to our Remos project director, “AOPA Pilot” Associate Editor Jill Tallman, and she may want to keep in touch for future Remos articles in “AOPA Pilot.”–Al Marsh, AOPA Pilot

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