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My Top 8 Christmas Items From the AOPA Online Store

Monday, December 17th, 2012

This week, I take a look items I want from the AOPA Online Store, done in partnership with Sporty’s.

  1. AOPA Knife ($27.95) — I was chatting with some of my co-workers and they just raved not only about the knife, but how popular it is with the membership. So now I want one too!
  2. AOPA holiday ornament ($12.95) — I helped do some decorating at the AOPA headquarters, and got to hang this lovely ornament.  I’m one of those folks who likes to buy ornaments from the companies I work for, and I’ll be proud to hang this on my tree.
  3. AOPA sweatshirt ($19.95) — you can never have too many of these, so why not an AOPA one?
  4. AOPA flight bag ($24.95) — I’m still on the hunt for a bag, and this might just be the ticket for me.  It will hold all my stuff and you can’t beat the price point!
  5. AOPA Zulu time watch ($49.95) — I love an old-school watch, with hands and the date. I would definitely put this one in my watch rotation.
  6. AOPA Pilot t shirt ($14.95) — I’m on the staff and I have nothing with AOPA Pilot on it. This t shirt could be the remedy!
  7. AOPA flashlight ($19.95) — I may have to consider this as an alternative to my beloved Maglite flashlight!
  8. Ramp pass insert for AOPA wallet ($9.95) — right now, I keep my FAA student pilot certificate in the AOPA tote bag that serves as my flight bag. I think I need to give it a better home with this item.