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Burt Rutan developing Ski Gull seaplane

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Burt Rutan is developing an amphibious, two-engine, motor glider, seaplane on skis. The skis are embedded with skateboard wheels. He described it to The Old Bold Pilots organization in California at the end of January. He doesn’t need a medical to fly it, and if it works, you could be flying it, too.

A carpenter trades his T square for a delta wing

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Almost in the water, almost out in the air

Watch the sunset from a trike

Dave Myers of Garden City, Georgia, had never considered flying while working as a carpenter and supervisor for a housing development. The current recession made short work of his career two years ago,¬†and he went to Hawaii to visit relatives. (Everyone should have a relative in Hawaii.) A flight school operating there offered instruction in weight-shift-control trikes, kind of like a hang glider, but you sit in a Rotax-powered gondola. “By the time we leveled off, I was determined to make that my livelihood, whatever it took,” he recalls. He gave away or sold his carpenter tools, sold his house, and soon he had enough money to buy a light-sport $68,000 Krucker Cygnet amphibious trike and get his instructor certificate.

Exploring the Georgia delta

He has little interest in fixed-wing aircraft and is quite happy operating his trike school, Amphibian Air, in Garden City, Georgia (Savannah). To date he has given 75 introductory lessons and taken two pilots through¬†their transition training (10 hours, $1,500), although you can take a complete sport pilot course as well. Now in his 50s, he has discovered a new passion with his wife’s support–and we have gained another pilot to our ranks. Welcome, Dave.

“Rum Diary” plane was in “Pilot”

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Eric Weaver and his personal pal, actor Johnny Depp.

The Twin Bee I wrote about, and its pilot, Eric Weaver, are both in the newly released movie, “The Rum Diary,” now playing at a theater near you. (Somebody named Johnny Depp is in it, too.) You can actually ride in it, or get a rating in it, at the Jones Brothers and Company Air and Seaplane Adventures in Tavares, Florida, “The Seaplane City.”