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Just your run-of-the-mill flight

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Best if viewed large. Click on photo. (Photo courtesy Don De Voe)

For pilots near Seward, Alaska, this is just another typical flight–incredible scenery and ho-hum, what’s new about that? Don De Voe took this shot of his friend, Jim, while flying a “mission” in late April to view a rock slide and see how his cabin survived the winter. Here is his description from an e-mail of some wildlife he saw. Notice how it starts out as an afterthought.

Oh. We saw lots of wild game: an otter just off the beach at Little Johnstone–it would immediately dive whenever I pulled my camera out of the bag–lots of goats on all the lower mountainsides above the ocean–sea lions on their rookery–a coyote on the beach at Big Johnstone–a black bear on the beach at Whidbey Bay–and many, many bald eagles.”

Those outside Alaska see that on pretty much every flight, right? Mountain goats here, a bear there, just routine flights.