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Pedestrians share Gibraltar runway

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Even when the new tunnel under the Gibraltar runway is completed, pedestrians and emergency vehicles will continue to stop air traffic and use Winston Churchill Avenue above ground to cross it. In the past it could take 10 minutes to clear people and traffic off the runway so an aircraft could land. The tunnel will be an improvement. This shot was taken by world traveler Robert Gannon after landing in his Cessna 182, and those tiny dots on the runway are traffic and people. The Gibraltar Airport is 1,600 feet from the city, the shortest commute of any major airport in the world. CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE

Saddam’s 747s decaying

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Rumor has it that Saddam Hussein had nearly 100 Boeing 747s, but right before the war he dispersed them to neighboring countries including six to Tunisia. World traveler Robert Gannon found two of them at the airport in Tozeur, Tunisia, tires flat. He parked his trusty Cessna 182 called Lucky Lady Too between them for a tourist shot. Gannon moves his 182 from place to place until duties call him home, and then returns to continue his adventure. CLICK PHOTO

Want your annual done in Cyprus?

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

It’s common knowledge that flying costs more in Europe. That’s why I asked around-the-world trekker Robert Gannon the price of his last annual inspection. It was completed by an American mechanic in Cyprus, recommended by pilots in Lebanon, who once flew in Africa and has an American license. Gannon said the airplane had nothing wrong, except it needed a new beacon lamp. (He made sure it was in tiptop condition before leaving the United States.) The cost of the annual was $2,333.62–a lot more than he is used to at home. Of that, labor was $1,365, an oil filter was $39.37, and 12 quarts of oil was $141.75, or $11.81 per quart. (I just checked the price at an FBO near AOPA headquarters where oil is less than $6 a quart before taxes.) Gannon is headed back to Cyprus May 1 to pick up his airplane and continue to Israel, Crete, Malta, Tunisia, Morocco, the Madeira Islands, back to Morocco, then up into western Europe. Follow him on his Web site.