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If reality TV called, would you answer?

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Jake the pilot bachelor

Even if you don’t watch “The Bachelor” (and I don’t know anybody who admits to watching “The Bachelor” ) you may have heard that last season’s contestant was a pilot. A commercial pilot named Jake. He’s since joined the latest group of contestants on “Dancing with the Stars” (along with astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who was profiled in the April issue of Flight Training).

Now we hear that pilot shows are being shopped. Reportedly there’s a show about an Alaskan female bush pilot in development, although I couldn’t find any more details. More recently, however, a rep for a company called Lion TV posted this invite on the Pilots of America message board. Lion TV’s credits include “Cash Cab” and “History Detectives.” So is this a good idea? Bad idea? Horrifically bad idea? None of the above? Given reality TV’s spotty record for crafting what it thinks makes for compelling TV, I know what my answer would be–but what do you think?

TV Show Seeks Aerobatic Pilots & Freight Dogs

Emmy Award Winning Production Company Seeks Aerobatic Pilots, Race Pilots and Freight Dogs!

We’re looking for dedicated, passionate pilots with big personalities to star in an upcoming documentary TV series about the professional life and times of aviators: we’re particularly interested in hearing from aerobatic competitors, race pilots, and cargo pilots. Interested applicants: tell us a little about yourself and your work, and include any photos or links to relevant videos/websites.