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Light sport aircraft fly to Bahamas

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Success! Kitfox aircraft tour BahamasKitfox aircraft fly near a rainbow while touring Bahamas

When you think of small, two-seat, 1,320-pound light sport aircraft, you think of something best suited for short trips. The owner of Kitfox Aircraft, John McBean, and the owner of an Idaho flight school that trains Kitfox customers, Paul Leadabrand (in the yellow Kitfox with huge tundra tires), might just change your mind. They flew their two Kitfox airplanes first from Idaho to Sebring for the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo, and then on to the Bahamas. The airplane started as a kit with thousands now sold, but is also offered as a factory built light sport aircraft. You’ll see a report on it in “AOPA Pilot” in coming months. (I flew the yellow one seen here.) (Click photos to enlarge.)

Kitfox aircraft fly near a rainbow while touring Bahamas