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Cub thunder

Monday, March 4th, 2013

"Pilot Information" published in Paris

“Pilot Information” published in Paris

A couple of Cubs went ripping around the French Alps–well, as rippy as Cubs can get–for beautiful photos in the latest issue of Info-Pilote (Pilot Information), the official magazine of the French Aeronautical Federation. You can go here and click on the cover of the magazine on the¬†middle of the¬†right side of the page. (Yes, I know it’s a Husky on the cover but there are Cubs inside–spectacular photo.) You can then “thumb through” by clicking on the right side of each page layout. The Cub photo is near the center of the magazine sample. It costs $43 for 12 times a year, depending on the value of the Euro. The price does not include international shipping. You can contact the co-editor on his Web site.