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Big week coming up for Beechcraft

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

The action will be fast and furious this coming week as Hawker Beechcraft tries to (1) win bankruptcy approval to talk exclusively to a Chinese businessman about buying the company (prediction–they’ll get it), (2) receives $25 million almost instantly to keep jet production lines open that Hawker was on the verge of closing immediately (prediction–the money will arrive on time). Not sure anyone is geeky enough to watch the court action document by document, but I wanted to post this link. See Hawker court action here. The hearing is Tuesday. Another question is, will an industry analyst be found that actually thinks the deal will succeed? So far there isn’t one. Analysts don’t even believe the businessman and his wife will be able to find $1.79 billion and will part out the company to raise the purchase money as though Hawker had gone to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy action.