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Flying on vacation: Why the heck not?

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Ever since I blogged about grabbing a CFI while in Juneau, Alaska, last year, I’ve heard from lots of pilots who incorporate flying into their family vacations. And why not? Chances are there’s a nice little airport (and an FBO) not far from where you plan to play. And when you think about how much it costs to rent a Jet-Ski or a boat, take a fancy whale-watching tour, or any of the zillion other amusements you’re gonna drop your cold hard cash on, hiring a CFI and an airplane for an hour seems downright reasonable. Most recently George Janssen e-mailed to say that he got checked out in a Remos LSA while on vacation in Florida. Janssen, who lives in Connecticut and owns a Cessna 150, gave a thumbs-up to the experience and the service he got from Jim and Karen Walker at Skywalker Aviation in Lantana. “it was an outstanding experience on a beautiful summer morning,” he says.

Do you plan to fly on vacation? Have you already done so? Share your thoughts in the Comments section.