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The sun’ll come out…tomorrow

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Last week I told you that pretty crummy weather had ushered in the 24th annual Sentimental Jounrney Fly-in, a celebration of airplanes and especially Piper airplanes, at Lock Haven, Pa.

The warm front was predicted to hang out all day day over the second day of the fly-in, and gray skies and mist shrouded the nearby ridges. But by noon a miraculous thing happened: A patch of blue appeared in the sky. And, like children who’ve been cooped up inside for far too long, the taildraggers began to venture out. First one, then two, then three and four–all eschewing the paved runway for the simplicity of turf.

The skies stayed clear long enough to permit a spot-landing contest, which was handily won by a pilot in a J-3 Cub who touched down a mere two feet beyond the blaze orange line. How are your spot-landing skills?

Gonna take a Sentimental Journey

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

The go/no-go debate yesterday really wasn’t much of a quandary. A warm front plastered over the Mid-Atlantic produced a 1,500-foot overcast and rain. Factor in the 2,500-foot ridgeline between Frederick, Md., and Lock Haven, Pa., and that equals going by car to the Sentimental Journey Fly-In. Driving north on U.S. 15, I saw ragged fringes of cloud fluttering against our nothing-to-boast-about ridges, so I wasn’t unhappy with my decision.

As of Wednesday, 50 airplanes had made it to the twenty-fourth annual fly-in to Lock Haven, the former home of Piper Aircraft. When I arrived, the rain had increased to a steady drizzle, yet two die-hards were in the pattern.

Today looks rainy again, but the forecast is supposed to improve tomorrow. The fly-in runs through June 20. If you should plan to join us, please review the air operations procedures found here. The hard-working volunteers who are coordinating parking at nontowered William T. Piper Memorial Airport will thank you for it.