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Meet Fifi’s captain and 14-year-old Nick

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

Want to see a youngster with a real passion for flying? Look for the Nick in the red shirt this video, and you’ll see just that. Jim Moore, who reports for AOPA Online, has just published his video¬†on Commemorative Air Force Col. David Oliver, the captain of Fifi, the only flying Boeing B-29 in the world. To B-29 crews in World War II, Oliver at 29 would had been the old man. Nick was at the B-29 every morning of Sun `n Fun. ¬†After Moore’s interview in front of the plane and in the cockpit was over, I introduced Nick to Oliver, and Oliver gave him an inside tour. By the way, Moore not only shot this video, he edited it in the days following Sun `n Fun.