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Skywriters and banner-towers, meet your competition

Friday, November 20th, 2009

The Washington Post’s TV columnist, Lisa DeMoraes, was patting herself on the back last month after ABC canceled plans to promote its new television series, “V,” by hiring skywriting airplanes to fly over 26 landmarks–among them the Statue of Liberty and Santa Monica Pier–in 15 cities in a four-day stretch. (Presumably the skywriters would etch the skies with “V,” or “We Are Of Peace,” or whatever the show’s slogan is. I haven’t watched it.) (And no, they weren’t going to fly in Washington, D.C.)

DeMoraes basically called the promotional campaign hypocritical in light of parent company Disney’s recently announced plans to cut its fuel emissions in half by 2012. According to her calculations–she said she sought the help of various “aviation pundits”–the stunt would have used around 400 gallons of fuel containing around 800 grams of lead and around three tons of CO2, among other pollutants, if each event took about one hour of flying time.

Good news for Ms. DeMoraes and ABC: A company at a German trade show figured out how to tie banner ads on flies and released them at the show. Here’s a video. No carbon emissions! Just lots of really tired flies.