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The one aircraft I’d love to fly: AOPA Facebook page fans weigh in

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

On Wednesdays, I occasionally like to post a fill-in-the-blank statement on the AOPA Facebook fan page. We currently have 35,864 likes, and those who visit never hesitate to comment on the content I post in there.

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to fly in one of EAA’s Ford Trimotorswhen it came to Frederick Municipal Airport and did a story about it for AOPA Live This Week (my first video piece!). Plus I did a story about how Fort Worth, Texas-based Greatest Generation Aircraft will offer visitors at the upcoming AOPA Aviation Summit’s Airportfest the chance to ride in or even fly a Douglas C-47.

So I must have had airplanes on the brain when I posted this — The one aircraft I’d love to fly is __________________. You can see the results, below.  We had a record response, so I thought I’d share 10 of my favorite from the 354 responses. You can also see photos of more of the named aircraft over on our Pinterest board.



  1. Kevin Pannebakker Gulfstream G650
  2. Stephen Langkau Curtiss Jenny
  3. Scott Rodenbeck P-51 Mustang

  4. Heather J. Chandler F/A – 18 SuperHornet

  5. Greg D. Baker Lake Renegade

  6. Ankit Chauhan MIG 21 Bison

  7. Steven Bradshaw The Space Shuttle!

  8. Michael Kevin Sibille BD-5J

  9. Bradley Johnson Super Cub Amphib out of Lake Spinard/Hood AK

  10. Derek Grier Vought F4U-D

  11. John Vincent McGuire Beechcraft Starship

Bonus – Marty Gasper A newly refurbished Debonair!

My Top 8 Christmas Items From the AOPA Online Store

Monday, December 17th, 2012

This week, I take a look items I want from the AOPA Online Store, done in partnership with Sporty’s.

  1. AOPA Knife ($27.95) — I was chatting with some of my co-workers and they just raved not only about the knife, but how popular it is with the membership. So now I want one too!
  2. AOPA holiday ornament ($12.95) — I helped do some decorating at the AOPA headquarters, and got to hang this lovely ornament.  I’m one of those folks who likes to buy ornaments from the companies I work for, and I’ll be proud to hang this on my tree.
  3. AOPA sweatshirt ($19.95) — you can never have too many of these, so why not an AOPA one?
  4. AOPA flight bag ($24.95) — I’m still on the hunt for a bag, and this might just be the ticket for me.  It will hold all my stuff and you can’t beat the price point!
  5. AOPA Zulu time watch ($49.95) — I love an old-school watch, with hands and the date. I would definitely put this one in my watch rotation.
  6. AOPA Pilot t shirt ($14.95) — I’m on the staff and I have nothing with AOPA Pilot on it. This t shirt could be the remedy!
  7. AOPA flashlight ($19.95) — I may have to consider this as an alternative to my beloved Maglite flashlight!
  8. Ramp pass insert for AOPA wallet ($9.95) — right now, I keep my FAA student pilot certificate in the AOPA tote bag that serves as my flight bag. I think I need to give it a better home with this item.