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So long, Kutztown

Friday, January 30th, 2009

It wasn’t the easiest place to land or take off, thanks to a dip in the paved runway that could catch you unaware if you weren’t expecting it. But Kutztown Airport (N31) in Pennsylvania nonetheless was a favorite of area pilots. Sadly, it’s destined to become another shopping center. The airport closes tomorrow. The property (which includes an adjacent diner and mobile home park) has been sold.

Two winters ago I landed at N31, enjoyed a gut-busting brunch at the diner, and watched Amish families in horse-drawn buggies and Amish teenagers on bicycles hurry along Kutztown Pike, presumably on their way to Sunday service. Here’s a YouTube video of another pilot in a Cessna 172 making a much better approach and landing than I did. So long, Kutztown; wish I had known you better.