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German airport uses robo-bird to scare birds

Friday, April 29th, 2016

To little birds calling Weeze Airport home in Germany across the border with Netherlands it must seem like the Terminator. A group of students and former students from the University of Twente in Netherlands 54 miles northwest are coming to fly their peregrine falcon drone that flaps its wings and looks like the real thing. It is carried aloft on its own wings, not propellers. They have flown their lifelike birds for at least three years, but now it is time to test it. Weeze Airport agreed. You can see the robo-bird here. The students formed a company called Clear Flight Solutions, but they aren’t selling the robo-birds and aren’t marketing to airports. They are just testing. If you absolutely need a robo-bird that is unrelated to the university and too small to scare anything, you can get one for 100 bucks. Shown is Dutch guy Nico Nijenhuis of the University of Twente with the Weeze robo terminator.

Robird foto 26-04-16

World’s busiest airports named

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

The Airports Council International has ranked the world’s busiest airports once again, and Atlanta wins.  Top ranked are, in order: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and Los Angeles. Then Beijing comes in at number six, followed by: Charlotte, Las Vegas, Houston, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Phoenix and Philadelphia. At number 15 is Amsterdam, followed by: Toronto, Detroit, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Newark. At 21 is New York JFK, followed by: Munich, Miami, Mexico City, Madrid, Guangzhou (China), and La Guardia. At number 28 is Jakarta, followed by Phoenix, and in thirtieth place is Istanbul.

Read from bottom up, please

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Click on picture

Or, for a sort of Yoda effect–the character from “Star Wars” who always spoke backwards–“from top down read.” Thanks to David McVinnie, a master CFI, for sending this during his travels in Melbourne, Florida.

African beasts captured in hangar

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

I completed a video on an unusual hangar just in time to compete with the summer Hollywood blockbusters–although most are longer than this one-minute feature. You can see it here. If it does not open, try here. A Hagerstown, Md., pilot visited a licensed commercial hunting farm in Africa and you’ll see the result. The farms, found in 13 African countries, practice wildlife conservation to stay in business, and most herds are growing as a result. It’s another in a list of unusual hangars I covered in AOPA Pilot