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Aerocar owners keep it flying

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Current owners of the Aerocar tell you in a video (see the link below) how things are going with the history-making car/aircraft. The video was shot a year ago in California where Eric (shown on the right), son of Aerocar owner Ed Sweeney, runs Auburn Aircraft Works. The video was finally put together this week. Watch for a story on the Aerocar in a future issue of AOPA Pilot. Now the Aerocar has moved to Florida with another son, Sean (shown on the left). The Aerocar was the passion of Molt Taylor. It made several appearances on a television quiz show and a comedy series, the Bob Cummings Show. If you said, “Bob who?” you are less than 50 years old, and if you said, “I remember!” you are more than 50. The Sweeney family is keeping it in flying condition–it last flew this month. Here’s my video made Tuesday. Compare the car there with the one in this newsreel from the 1950s. You’ll see a difference in the steering wheel and hood design.

If the link to the AOPA video doesn’t work, go to this URL:

Guardians of the Aerocar

Monday, September 21st, 2009

The Sweeney family came together in Auburn, Ca., today, quite by accident, to discuss their historic Aerocar. Eric Sweeney runs Auburn Aircraft Works, specializing in unusual airplanes, and is the current caretaker of the Aerocar. Brother Sean brought his company’s Cessna 310 in for modifications and takes care of it in Kissimme, Fla. Aerocar owner Ed Sweeney from Colorado Springs, Colo., was in town for personal business after educating the public on the Aerocar at Reno. Sean has 20 hours in the Aerocar, an hour for every year his dad has owned it. Eric started flying it more recently and has a few hours as well. Check out my reports on Try here first. The Twitter site is having technical difficulties, but search under altonmarsh.