Tom Horne

Hello Winter!

October 30, 2009 by Thomas A. Horne, Editor At Large

For the past two days Colorado and Wyoming have been hammered by the first real snowfall of the season. The wx geek in me took over and I was a clicking fool, capturing images and data of this remarkable weather event. A HUGE, very elongated trough dug southward over the mountain and central states. The snow came from an equally long frontal system at the eastern fronges of the trough. Meanwhile, east of the snow action, winds were out of the south at 60+ knots–at 5,000 feet! This is a low-level jet stream folks, and it’s sending juicy Gulf air inland. That’s what caused the tornadoes and flooding rains in Louisiana and Arkansas. Yikes–snow next to tornadoes. The accompanying water vapor image from yesterday says it all. Anybody want to go flying in the lower Mississippi valley today? I didn’t think so.

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