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Flying on vacation: Why the heck not?

July 13, 2009 by Jill W. Tallman, Associate Editor

Ever since I blogged about grabbing a CFI while in Juneau, Alaska, last year, I’ve heard from lots of pilots who incorporate flying into their family vacations. And why not? Chances are there’s a nice little airport (and an FBO) not far from where you plan to play. And when you think about how much it costs to rent a Jet-Ski or a boat, take a fancy whale-watching tour, or any of the zillion other amusements you’re gonna drop your cold hard cash on, hiring a CFI and an airplane for an hour seems downright reasonable. Most recently George Janssen e-mailed to say that he got checked out in a Remos LSA while on vacation in Florida. Janssen, who lives in Connecticut and owns a Cessna 150, gave a thumbs-up to the experience and the service he got from Jim and Karen Walker at Skywalker Aviation in Lantana. “it was an outstanding experience on a beautiful summer morning,” he says.

Do you plan to fly on vacation? Have you already done so? Share your thoughts in the Comments section.   


9 Responses to “Flying on vacation: Why the heck not?”

  1. ken baba Says:

    the only web page i can get to express my thoughts on aopa. I have been flying since the sixties,and each year it gets worse. the faa and the government jerks cut us off at the knees and we just take it. never get tough,as you see now we have a half breed socialist for a president of the united states who will kill everything that is good about america. aviation will be on the chopping block because the dope smoking publick see airplanes as a menace and “these people dont need to fly, that money could be used to research the mating of house flys instead,” get the picture. well aopa needs to BLOCK ANY AND ALL further stupid proposals that are killing general aviation. I am so pissed off at the way everything is going that I AM READY GO GO FISHING ,tnats what they want.. so gettpugh and protect our rights before tne demo/nazi’s cut them off.

  2. Jeff W. Says:

    I’ve taken the opportunity to fly on two trips now – one an extended business trip (flew out of Flying Cloud – KFCM) and the other a recent vacation (flew out of Sedona – KSEZ).

    It’s a great way to maintain proficiency, do some sightseeing, try out a different model of aircraft, add another state to your “I’ve flown here” map, or all of the above!

    If you’re like me and most of your flying is confined to one geographical area (home base: KBED) having the chance to fly over the nearly flat and geometrically laid-out farmlands of Minnesota or the red rocks, mesas, valleys and canyons of Arizona is a real treat. A couple of hours is all it takes!

  3. Brendan Reynolds Says:

    I have a trip to Australia coming up in October and have been exchanging emails with an FBO near Sydney. Looking very forward to it.

  4. JW Parker Says:

    I would like to fly my 172 from Texas to Minnesota. Never been along this route. Does anyone have ideas of places to visit? Museums such as antique autos or aviation or US history? How about cabins by a lake? Relaxing scenic spots convenient to courtesy cars or rentals? Just an adventure with my sweetie. Thanks for any input.

  5. Jill W. Tallman Says:

    JW: Thanks for your note. I have no experience personally with flying that route, but if you post your question on the “Hops and $100 Hamburgers” forum ( http://forums.aopa.org/forumdisplay.php?f=10 ) you’ll probably get a lot of suggestions. Best of luck–it sounds like a great trip!

  6. Todd Says:

    I love to incorporate flying into my travels. What better way to experience a new city than to view it from above. One of my favorites was a flight down the Hudson River Corridor a few years back. I had a CFI and plane reserved while in Paris a few months back but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with my plans.

  7. Doug Says:

    I often consider renting a plane and CFI when travelling somewhere. I’m not usually going to have the time and or money to first get a check-out and then fly solo, so as many I’ve heard have done, I’m in the rent a CFI crowd.

    I did this once in Punta Gorda, Florida. Took a great one hour flight over the coast line. As I think most of us can attest – a good flight can quickly change your perspective, make a bad day good and a good vacation great!

    On another vacation in Emerald Isle, SC, a friend from up north had his C-172 at the airport in Beaufort. I flew the length of the Outer Banks, landed and visited Kitty Hawk, and then flew back. If I go there again, I’ll be sure to take that flight again, even if I have to rent the plane and the CFI.

    I’ll be going to Chicago in August. No chance of flying out of Meigs to view the city shorline. Bummer.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I went to florida this year and it was great. I can recommend it to everybody.

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