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Have we “weathered” the recession?

June 5, 2009 by Thomas A. Horne, Editor At Large

Interesting information today from a phone conversation with Aviation Weather Center Warning Coordination Meteorologist Pat Murphy. The AWC runs the popular Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) Web site, which is one of the most popular weather Web sites on the Internet.

How popular? How about 10 to 11 million hits per day! Murphy said that the numbers dropped to 8 to 9 million hits a day back in January through March 2009. Those were the gory days when the economy hit bottom.

But now the gore is turning to glory. The numbers are back up to their former heights. “We think it’s because more people are flying,” Murphy said. Maybe Jim Cramer should ADDS hits to his bag of technical insights.


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  1. David Reinhart Says:

    The weather in MA during that “low” point was so bad I didn’t need to go to ADDS to figure out if I was flying or not. It was a rotten winter for flying in New England, recession or no.

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