Meet the bounty hunter

March 14, 2009 by Mike Collins

Did you read about Ken Hill in this morning’s New York Times? Hill is an airplane repossession specialist–a bounty hunter. I first envisioned a bad reality TV plot, with a captured airplane roaring down the runway just as the sun’s disk breaks the horizon.

But Hill’s reality is not so Wild West in nature (at least, not usually). Which makes sense, because Hill also is an aircraft dealer. If he can’t retrieve the logbooks along with the airplane, it’s unlikely he’ll be able to sell it for as much as he could if the paperwork was complete.

Hill typically repossesses 30 airplanes a year, according to the New York Times article. Last year he retrieved 50–a number that he told the newspaper could double in 2009.

How’d you like to be an aircraft bounty hunter? Would you buy an airplane from one?

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