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Another breakthrough for women pilots

March 12, 2009 by Thomas B. Haines, Editor in Chief

Women pilots made the news again this week, just a few days after Karoline Amodeo won AOPA’s 2008 Get Your Glass Sweeptakes Archer at the Women in Aviation Conference. Atlantic Southeast Airlines announced that the first all-female African American crew in commercial airline history piloted a Canadair CRJ 700 from Atlanta to Nashville and back on Feb. 12, 2009.

The crew included Capt. Rachelle Jones, First Officer Stephanie Grant, and flight attendants Diana Galloway and Robin Rogers.

The flight comes 36 years after Emily H. Warner became the first woman pilot for a major U.S. scheduled airline when she was hired by Frontier Airlines in January 1973.

The first all-female flight crew consisted of Capt. Beverly Bass, First Officer Terry Queijo, and Flight Engineer Terry Welch, flying a Boeing 727 from Washington National to Dallas-Fort Worth. Bass would go on to captain the first all-female crewed Boeing 777 flight.

Amodeo is headed to controller school. Maybe some day soon she will be guiding another all-female crew.

Nice to see those glass ceilings going the way of the ADF.


10 Responses to “Another breakthrough for women pilots”

  1. Alex Kovnat Says:

    Why the obsession with all-female crews? As long as a woman can aspire to four-stripe (Captain) rank, since men and women mix in most other work situations, they should mix in airline crews.

  2. Jo Wilcox Says:

    Way to go ladies!

    I hope to be a pilot some day soon.

    Have wonderful flights!

  3. Ricardo Villamil Says:

    Awesome! I want to fly in their next flight, they look so good!

  4. J Bryant Says:

    I love this!!! Congrats to these Ladies. I think it is absolutely awesome!!! This is indeed a rare find. I pray their continued success and safety.

  5. Kelsey Mecher Says:

    My name is Kelsey Mecher and started my flying lessons last year and soloed November 11, 2008. I’ve loved flying since I was little, and want to become a pilot when I get out of college. Which I am going to this fall, at Baker College in Muskegon, Michigan. As many of you know how expensive college is for aviation, so I talked it over with my parents and we came up with this idea on how to raise money for college. I’m going to write a book. It will be a cookbook for all woman pilots, and I’ll have little stories by the recipes on how they got to become a pilot, and was wondering if there are any woman pilots on this blog that would like to subscribe a recipe and a short story on how you became a pilot. Now you don’t have to send a story you can just subscribe a recipe and I will put that in the book. The title of the book is “Does it look like I cook?” and there will be a picture of me by the plane that I am learning in and the inside cover will have a little story of how I became a pilot. If you would like to send a recipe, please email it to me at [email protected]. Thank you ever so much.
    Greeting from the Friendly Skies!/God Bless!

  6. chris Says:

    sometimes in april 2005 a similar feat was achieved in Kenya when a capt Irene Mutungi commanded B 737-300 while flying for Kenya Airways from Nairobi Kenya to Entebe Uganda and back.All female and all black crew.

  7. Annette wanjala Says:

    Am a Ugandan aged 23years and ever since I remember I’ve always wanted to be a pilot.My passion for Aviation burns ever so strong every day.The only obstacle standing between me and my dream is lack of funds.Is there anyone willing to fund me or is there anywhere you can recommend me for sponsorship?

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