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Congratulations Karoline!

March 2, 2009 by Ian J. Twombly, Associate Editor

Congratulations to Karoline Amodeo, the winner of the 2008 Get Your Glass Sweepstakes Piper Archer. While I didn’t get to see Karoline’s reaction to the award live, I did get the opportunity to welcome her back to New York and take her flying in her new airplane.

Although most people would probably be timid about flying a new airplane for the first time, Karoline was not in the slightest. She jumped in, threw on her new headset, and went for it. Being an ATC student, she obviously had no trouble with the radios. We took off in strong winds and she did great, despite a lack of currency. We flew north over Hyde Park, New York, home to the Culinary Institute of America and a Vanderbilt house. She pointed them out as we flew along. Then she turned south, admiring the view and commenting on what a great day it was to fly. When we arrived back at the airport, Karoline told me she wanted to do three touch and gos to get current, which she did with ease. When we pulled in to the ramp at Richmor Aviation, she kept talking about how easy the airplane was to fly.

After our focus on the glass panel and our work on the engine, paint, and interior, she seemed to hardly notice any of it. It was hard for me not to get busy teaching her all about the advanced avionics. But I wanted her to enjoy the moment, which clearly she did. I’m sure as the days go by and she comes down from cloud nine it will start to sink in that she has a special airplane.

Shutting down I knew it was all over. The 18 months of work for hundreds of people at AOPA, the shops, and the contributors had come to a close. It was a moment of transition. Karoline became a proud airplane owner, having woken up that day thinking she’d simply be taking the airlines home from Atlanta after the Women in Aviation Conference. And the rest of us made our way back to Frederick, happy for Karoline and her wonderful family. I’ll miss the airplane. It may not have been fast or flashy, but Karoline is thrilled to have it, and that makes all the work worth it. Congratulations Karoline.


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  1. Karoline Amodeo Says:

    You can come up and fly it anytime Ian! You did an awesome job!! The paint is amazing, it definately reflects my personality! The Avionics are fantastic, even IF I EVER had the money to get an airplane had I not won, chances are I most certainly would not be priveliged to have that panel installed! And while I will admit, I am not the most mechanically inclined person, the beautiful, shiny engine is extremely impressive we did have the cowling off before we left on Saturday! So thank you for your hard work and dedication, and again, come up anytime you are always welcome!

  2. Lisa Litts -Richmor Aviation, Inc. Says:

    That’s our girl straight to the top….Bob Fisher says the “GG” on the tail stands for “GOLDEN GIRL” Although I like it Bob I am thinking more a long the lines of “GO GETTER”.
    Thanks again for allowing me and my crew to be a part of such a wonderful experience and most of all for allowing us to be its keeper, it’s right outside my door. This kind of thing couldn’t have happened for a better person….Best of luck Sweet P… Lis

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