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WAI conference–no small thing

February 27, 2009 by Julie Summers Walker, Managing Editor

There are a ton of women of all ages and styles of dress (there’s a strong military presence here, so lots of uniforms) at the twentieth annual International Women in Aviation conference now taking place (Feb. 26-28) in Atlanta. If you’ve never been to a WAI conference–which, unbelievably after 10 years with AOPA as one of a handful of female editors, I never have–then you, too, would be blown away by the unbridled enthusiasm here.

These women love aviation–as a group they are the best advertisement for the future of aviation in this country that I’ve ever seen. On Thursday night, the AOPA Air Safety Foundation’s Kathleen Vasconcelos gave the seminar “Top Five Mistakes Pilots Make,”  which is humorous and sobering at the same time, and attendance was remarkable.

In addition to being an enthusiastic and participatory audience, this group practically hummed aviation. In the crowd was aerobatics pilot Julie Clark, and the seminar attendees positively twittered over the celebrity in their midst. To say that I am impressed with the women in aviation and the Women in Aviation conference is no small thing.


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