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January 28, 2009 by Thomas A. Horne, Editor At Large

It used to be that reporters used 4 X 8 inch spiral-bound notebooks to jot down information. But after a trip to Border’s, I’ve been trying out Moleskines. (Still don’t know how to pronounce it). The Moleskines have 192 pages to the spiral-bounds’ 70, and they’re built tough. And there’s some neat extras. They have black leather covers, an expandable pocket for holding recipts, business cards, etc., and an elastic band that keeps the Moleskine closed when not in use. There’s a place where you can record your name and address, and even offer a reward if you lose it. At 3 1/2 X 5 1/2 inches they’re also more compact than the old standbys, so you can shove them into a pocket without it sticking out–or the spiral binding snagging. People who see mine ask all about it, then go off and buy their own. A new trend? At about $10 a pop, they ain’t cheap, but they do grow on you. Just a little too small, sometimes.


2 Responses to “Moleskines!!”

  1. Steve Foster Says:

    Can’t live without one. I might be on my 4th or 5th in the past 2 years. What’s kind of cool is seeing what other people write in theirs. Search Flickr for some examples.

  2. Steve Ells Says:

    I use one measuring 5″ x 8″ for taking notes in a fiction writing workshop I attend weekly. I find that having something that costs a little more and is more solid than a steno pad helps me better keep track of my notes.

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