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Potential student pilots are everywhere

December 31, 2008 by Alton K. Marsh, Senior Editor, AOPA Pilot

I was in Telluride, Colorado, Sunday and walked into a nature photography store, Wilderness Wonders . There I found Tony Newlin, a photographer who would love to fly. He was introduced to general aviation by his brother during many rides in a Cessna. Now the brother flies an F-16 and Newlin stays close to aviation as a passenger aboard Alaskan floatplanes. Newlin rides into the wilderness to take photos of grizzly bears–about 30 miles from where a videographer and his girlfriend were killed by bears several years ago. Newlin says the bears have a mean season, and he leaves them alone at that time of year. He’s a trained computer engineer with a degree or two and experience at Intel, but as long as the photos keep selling at his three Colorado shops, he’ll keep shooting and let the (computer) chips fall where they may. Here’s one of his photos.

His true passion is panorama photography, but it was difficult to fit in this space. Look for more photos of Telluride in my story “America’s Airports: Telluride, Colorado” in the February issue of AOPA Pilot magazine.  

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  1. SEAN Says:

    I agree, student pilots are everywhere, some just can’t afford the cost of training and plane rental. I am a new private pilot and I look forward to IFR training but my income just doesn’t support it right now. As far as flying, I fly when I can but times are tough and hopefully things pick up soon.

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