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Strange but true general aviation news

May 16, 2014 by Benét Wilson

Birds are the problem, monkeys are the solution. Officials in China are using trained monkeys to knock down bird nests near a military airport to keep feathered friends away from the facility, reports AvWeb. The airport previously used humans for the job, but they were deemed slow and expensive. Two monkeys have managed to destroy 180 nests in only two months.

Helicopter to the rescue! A helicopter was used to remove a Taylorcraft aircraft that was pushed into trees by the wind shortly after taking off, reports KTUU-TV. The pilot of the aircraft was not injured.

All’s well that ends well. A pilot suffered minor injuries after his experimental aircraft crashed in a swamp near South Carolina’s Sumter Airport, leaving him trapped for seven hours before being rescued, reports the Sumpter Item.  And a pilot suffered nonlife threatening injuries after making an emergency landing on a Little League baseball field outside of San Antonio, Texas, reports the San Antonio News-Express.

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  1. Albert Blair Says:

    It is pretty absurd but now we know monekys are better than human when you want to scare birds and do not allow them to be sucked into a jet engine. Eheh… So far we used falcons but now we will see monkeys flying around annoying birds. Chinese people are amazing!

  2. johann Says:

    hey thanks for this article
    good work continue your work

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