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Strange but true general aviation news

October 18, 2013 by Benét Wilson

Do the crime, do the time! A judge in Florida sentenced Diocenyr Ribamar Barbosa-Santos, an airplane mechanic with no criminal history, to two years in prison, despite the case prosecutor recommending  parole and community service, reports the Sun-Sentinel. Barbosa-Santos was prosecuted for trying to secure financing to smuggle seven civilian jetliners from a Chinese seller to Iran Air for $136.5 million.

It’s a highway, it’s a runway! A single-engine Bellanca Citabria made an emergency landing on San Jose, Calif.’s Capitol Expressway in the middle of Thursday morning traffic, reports the Mercury News. No one was hurt during the incident.

Bad advertising. A banner aircraft advertising for McDonald’s crashed on an unoccupied car in a field at the University of Florida used for tailgating, reports Deadspin. The pilot and passenger were taken to the hospital.

Another side effect of the government shut-down.  The FAA had to delay investigating the crash of an Air Tractor in Robinson, Texas, because it is short handed because of the government shut down, reports the Waco Tribune. The aircraft is owned by Corpora Aerial Service of Hearne.

Things you can learn from video games.  Video game Grand Theft Auto 5 includes instructions on how to steal a private jet, reports International Business Times.

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5 Responses to “Strange but true general aviation news”

  1. Mike Prevost Says:

    Benet, I hope this was not your final “Strange But True” blog.

  2. Jay Sevigny Says:

    I enjoyed the article on the Falcon 5X, but believe your math on fuel savings must be in error. If operating cost are $2700 per hour with fuel representing 45% of that ($1215), and this is 15% more fuel efficient than it’s competitors, and it flies 6000 hours per year, then the 5 year fuel savings is closer to $650,000 not $5 million.

  3. Mike Ward Says:

    Let’s work the math.
    45% of $2700 = $1215, cost of fuel per hour, as Jay says.
    If this is 15% less than the competitor fuel per hour,
    then it is 85% of the competitor fuel cost per hour, and
    that cost would be $1215 / 0.85 = $1429.4 or so.
    The savings per hour would be $1429 – $1215 = $214.4.
    If the airplane flies 6000 hours per year,
    the savings per year would be $214.4 x 6000 = $1,286,400.
    Is this on the right track?

  4. Bill Runzel Says:

    Flying 600 hours/year is a reasonable number. Flying 6000 hours per year is 24 hours per day for 250 days. Gotta land for fuel to get the savings!

  5. David Gildart Says:

    If I remember correctly/ from my 35yrs of airline flying. Most airline aircraft average about 10 to 13 hrs per day airborne during its lifetime of use. Say, 3500 to 4500hrs per year. Falcon5X in the 91/135 world will average far less!

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