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Strange but true general aviation news

September 13, 2013 by Benét Wilson

Helicopter salvages airplane. A Sikorsky helicopter was used to pull a sunken Cessna 172 out of New York’s Marion Lake, located in the Adiroindacks, reports the Albany Democrat-Herald. All four of the aircraft’s passengers made it out uninjured.

Emergency landing. A Beechcraft 1900D with 10 people aboard made a belly landing at Telluride Regional Airport after the left landing gear collapsed, reports the LA Times. Among those aboard were people coming to the ski town to screen the new documentary “Salinger.”

For safety’s sake. Pilots for Australia’s Ambulance Victoria are refusing to land at the local hospital until the facility cuts down some trees, reports the Herald Sun. Instead, pilots are dropping patients off  at Dela­combe Park, where they are transferred by road ambulance.

Now landing: Blair Force One. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was recently seen at New York’s Adirondack Regional Airport, reports the Adiroindack Daily Enterprise.

Emergency helicopter landing. A helicopter operated by California’s Fresno County Sherrif’s Office was forced to make an emergency landing  on a baseball field at Washington Union High School, reports FOX 26. The pilot said he felt a vibration in the helicopter’s tail rotor.

NOT an emergency helicopter landing. The police chief of Salisbury, Mass., was called to the parking lot of the Kitten’s Gentlemen’s Club. Why? Residents saw a helicopter parked in the lot and wondered if there was an emergency, reports the Newburyport News. It turns out the helicopter had flown in a well-known dancer who performs under the stage name of “Bridget the Midget.”

Don’t ask what meal they had on the flight. More than 1,000 chickens rescued from an egg-laying farm were airlifted to new homes to live a cage-free life, reports the Today show. The animals were rescued by California-based shelter and sanctuary Animal Place.

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One Response to “Strange but true general aviation news”

  1. David Greer Says:

    Not that it makes a difference to the outcome of the story, BUT, the Crash into Marion Lake recited in this blog occurred in OREGON, NOT NY.
    Marion lake is in the Cascade mountain Range, just outside of the Willamette Valley.
    NOT the Adirondack mountains….
    Albany paper referred to is in ALBANY OREGON.
    I know that people in the East tend to forget that there are inhabitants WEST of the Mississippi, but if you check Google earth….. we’re here. :)
    Still good story, no one hurt, aircraft needlessly damaged on recovery. Is likely in the scrapyard by now.
    You think someone would have thought to open doors or figure out some way to allow water to exit the airplane before lifting it with a strap below a heli. But it did land in a designated wilderness area, maybe insurance company just wanted to snatch it out before it caused any damage.

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