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August 30, 2013 by Benét Wilson

Let’s go to the video tape! A pilot with GoPro cameras on the exterior of his Bradley BA100 light sport aircraft had no idea what he was about to film his own emergency landing, reports Flying magazine. The engine of his BA100 lost power after taking off from Skylark Airport in Killeen, Texas, hitting a tree 20 feet in the air, but the pilot was not injured.

I’ll take a runway and a jumbo Coke, please. Jerome Orlando was forced to make an emergency landing next to a Wawa convenience store in Fredericksburg, Va., after his piston aircraft ran low on fuel, reports WTVR-TV. He landed about a half a mile away from Shannon Airport.

It was a sea plane rescue. A pilot was rescued by two seaplane pilots headed to Miami after being forced to ditch his Cessna 150 into the Atlantic Ocean due to engine trouble, reports

Survived a lake landing. Four people aboard a Cessna 172B managed to swim away after their engine lost power and the pilot made an emergency landing into Oregon’s Marion Lake in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness, reports KVAL-TV.

It was a wheels-up landing. A Beechcraft Bonanza carrying a pilot and a passenger was forced to make an emergency landing at  Pennsylvania’s Bedford County Airport after having trouble with the nose gear, reports the Tribune-Democrat.

A simple skydive just wasn’t enough. Daredevil Anthony Martin’s latest stunt was to free himself from shackles and a locked casket — as he was dropped from an aircraft, reports Houston’s ABC13. He escaped and landed in a field in Northern Illinois.

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