How to handle fuel in the bush

August 18, 2008 by

Watch the GAAA crew go through the Gong Show antics of filling a de Havilland Beaver from 55-gallon fuel drums. They get help from a crew of boisterous Inuit boys. Because no avgas is available on portions of the trip, the team had shipped drums of fuel on Canadian icebreakers and cached them in strategic spots.


7 Responses to “How to handle fuel in the bush”

  1. BZ Says:

    I have traveled all over the world and have found people to be helpful at airports. Not only do they tend to speak English but they are sympathetic to whatever plight might be yours at the moment.

    The last time I refueled from 55 gallong drums was at Kulusuk, Greenland. As I recall I put in 2 drums but was not topped off so I bought another and left about half of it for others or their use with compliments from the captain (me).

    All good fun.


  2. Mike White Says:

    Did you give the kids who helped with the refueling airplane rides?

  3. Fred Palmer Says:

    Such fun! Wish I knew how to get in on something like that.


  4. Mark Nevins Says:

    Save some fuel for me.I want to do this.

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