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Strange But True General Aviation News

June 4, 2013 by Benét Wilson

I guess that’s one way to get rid of bees.  A helicopter in Pima County, Ariz.’s Search and Rescue Deputies was used to rescue hikers being attacked by bees, reports KVOA-TV.   The helicopter flew down to 50 feet to blow the bees away from the hikers.

Here’s a novel way to save your crops from frost!  Canadian apple farmer Phil Lyall paid a helicopter to fly over his grove of 10,000 trees to keep temperatures above freezing during a recent cold snap, reports the Telegraph.  He told the CBC that he could have lost 10 percent of his harvest if temperatures fell below 32 degrees F.

He went from high to low.  Police in Albuquerque, N.M., arrested Steven Acton at Double Eagle Airport after being caught with 41 lbs of very high-grade marijuana, reports KOB-TV.  The drugs were valued at $205,000.

Bison vs. helicopters. As soon as Montana’s Department of Livestock began its annual bison-hazing operations west of Yellowstone National Park using helicopters, the Alliance for the Wild Rockies asked for a temporary injunction to stop the practice, reports the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

That toy could have done some damage.  The FBI questioned a Chinese student studying in the U.S. after he crashed a radio-controlled airplane near the Public Service Electric & Gas Bridgeport Harbor Generating Station, reports UPI.  After asking to retrieve his plane, a security guard said no and called the FBI.

Just carry a current driver’s license! Troubled actress Amanda Bynes was not allowed to fly on a private jet from Teterboro to Los Angeles after not being able to produce identification, reports the New York Daily News.  She allegedly told the pilot to Google her after she tried to show him an expired driver’s license as ID.

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