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Strange But True General Aviation News

April 5, 2013 by Benét Wilson

Sometimes you  need to resist the urge. Some would say that Billy Cheesman Jr. went a bit overboard with his April Fool’s joke. making it appear as if an aircraft had crashed into his business’s building in Yucaipa, Calif. reports the Press-Enterprise.  He even put crime scene tape around the “crash” to make it look more real.

That could not have been easy to watch. Richard Small was noticing how dirty his 1969 Piper Twin Comanche as it was landing at New Zealand’s Taieri Aerodrome when he saw the aircraft touch down and skid off the runway, reports the New Zealand Herald.  Despite plowing through a fence at the end of the runway, the pilot and two passengers onboard were not injured.

The punishment fits the crime. Adam Gardenhire is going to federal prison for 30 months after being convicted of pointing a laser into the cockpit of a private aircraft landing at  Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport, along with a helicopter operated by the Pasadena Police Department, reports LAist.  The judge said the tough sentence was handed down as a warning to others contemplating similar stunts.

Isn’t this the Easter Bunny’s job? Children at Velocity Church in Green Township, Ohio, had their Easter eggs delivered in a unique way — by helicopter in a field at Oak Hills High School, reports The helicopter dropped around 17,000 eggs, while the Easter Bunny distributed another 3,000.

Taking the humble golf cart to the next level.  Pro golfer Bubba Watson’s video of his new hovercraft golf cart went viral, reports Mashable.  The video and the cart are part of an advertisement for Watson sponsor Oakley sunglasses.

It’s always good when you can walk away. An 84-year-old pilot survived an emergency landing of his Cessna 170 at California’s Livermore Airport, reports Livermore Patch.  As he landed, his foot got stuck in the rudder. He made  a hard turn left off the runway and skidded in the dirt.

It’s a highway, it’s a runway!  The pilot of a Cessna 150 was forced to make an emergency landing on California’s  State Route 125 after experiencing a loss of power, reports East County magazine.  The resident of Mexico was in the area to visit relatives.

The cat used one of its nine lives.  A crew taking a wrecking ball to a house damaged by an aircraft accident in South Bend, Ind., found quite a surprise in the home’s wall, reports the Post-Tribune. A cat jumped out of a wall that was about to be destroyed.


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