Sequester forces a move to the rails.  Yet another victim of the sequester is the military jet used by Vice President Joe Biden.  FOX News reports that the vice president made the decision to ground Air Force 2 and take Amtrak to his home in Delaware.

I hope he yelled “fore.”  The pilot of a twin engine Aero Commander was forced to make an emergency landing on the Omni Interlocken Golf Course in Broomfield, Colo., after reporting a loss of power, reports the Denver Post. No one was injured.

He’s a talk show host, he’s an aircraft investigator! Late night talk show host Carson Daly recently expressed concern about a photo that his friend Adam Levine, lead singer for Maroon Five, posted of the band boarding a private jet during a snow storm in Minneapolis, reports Daly reportedly looked up the aircraft’s tail number, and discovered it had been described by a pilot as being “dangerously unsafe.”

Sure I’ll loan you my jet! The Chicago Bulls found themselves flying on the private jet of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban after the team’s own aircraft experienced mechanical problems on a flight from Chicago to Indianapolis, reports Yahoo Sports. The Bulls management used Cuban’s jet for a  flight to San Antonio.

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  1. Herm Bloom Says:

    VP Biden, took the train – I think it is the first time since becoming VP. It was a one time shot.
    I am based at ILG – Temporary field closures happen all the time when he comes in – departs or is on the field. I understand that he uses a helicopter to reach Andres AFB – then a 737 (usually) to get to ILG – With direct clearance the trip is abut 15 minutes – the same for the return trip. You can be IFR inbound and cleared for the approach – when AF 2 reports in, you are waived off the approach and given instructions to hold or change your destination if fuel is and issue.

    Each weekend trip costs the US Government more than it cost to operate the 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM tower for a month. ( I figure I’m pretty close on this estimate) One trip less per month by the VP would cover the operating cost of the tower that would let the normal operations continue.

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