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Which new LSAs have American engines?

March 4, 2013 by Alton K. Marsh, Senior Editor, AOPA Pilot

I gathered this little bit of information for a larger story, but it never found a home.  Several readers asked which light sport aircraft have American engines. Some of these models aren’t available in the U.S. Here’s the list:

Continental and Lycoming both offer specially designed engines for the LSA market: the Continental engine is found on the Cub Crafters Sport Cub, the Cessna Skycatcher, and the American Legend Cub.

Companies using the Lycoming LSA engine include American Legend Cub, Brumby Aircraft of Australia 600/610, Bushwhacker Aircraft Cub, Flying Circus Aircraft’s Vegas, Kitfox Super Sport 7, Ran’s Aircraft S-19, Tecnam P92 Eaglet and Tail Dragger (an actual model name), Zenith STOL CH750, Zlin Savage Cub/Bobber, Renegade Light Sport (Falcon and FK12, and the Morgan AeroWorks Cougar.

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4 Responses to “Which new LSAs have American engines?”

  1. Bill Barker Says:

    Since they’re owned by the Chinese, can you still count Continental as an American engine?

  2. Murray Marien Says:

    It’s no secret that current technology from American engine manufacturers is outdated. Given that most LSA aircraft are new designs, the choice of engine confirms that there is something better available.

  3. bill knotts Says:

    mistitled. should have been which new manufactured – – -. OR added to the list such LSA’s as ercoupe, J-3, Aeronica, Taylorcraft, porterfield, Luscombe, etc.

  4. Randy Lervold Says:

    In addition to the American made Continental in our Sport Cub, our Carbon Cub CC340 is made from components made by ECi in Texas (which last time I checked was part of the US). Our Top Cub uses a Lycoming O-360, also made in America.

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